Five Year Anniversary

On Friday April 6, 2007, the Drink of the Wise had its premier performance with #4 Carbon. This performance took place at the University of South Florida. Friday, April 6, 2012 marks the five year anniversary. Thanks to all who have participated.(no animals were sacrificed during this performance)

Arupa Gupal; Flute
Ann Satterfield; Clarinet
Daniel Frantz; Clarinet
Henry De La Vega; Bass Clarinet, Buckyballs
Chris Dyel; Alto Sax, Buckytubes
Tim May; Trombone
Bennett Astrove; Violin
Suzy Kelly; Cello
Emory Blake; Percussion
Allan Leffingwell; Piano
Katie Hallman; Spoken Word
Kyle Lynch; Spoken Word
Tom Kersey; Conductor
Wil Pertz; Conductor