9. Poison Fugue Plant (F)

Premier of Poison Fugue Plant: April 12, 2008 USF
Remix: November 16, 2010 Ann Arbor

Michael Timpson: KEYS!!!

Quintet 1; USF
Wil Pertz; conductor
Florian Visan; Bass
Bennett Astrov; Violin
Kyle Lynch, reciter
Ed Knoeckel; Piano

Quintet 2; USF
Ryan Wilson; conductor
Jose Cochez; Percussion
Emily Roff; reciter
Tom Kersey; Cello
Jessica Stubenberg; Bassoon

String Quartet 1; USF
Olga Dragieva; Violin
Michele Painter; Violin
Shari Sarale; Viola
Grace Gulliano; Cello

String Quartet 2; UM
Emily Graber; Violin
Sioebhan Cronin; Violin
Emily Bartell; Viola
Chris Kiriscioglu; Cello


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