Act I and II Continuous Scrolling Score

Act I and II continuous scrolling scores are now complete!

These scores are one single continuous scrolling page.

No page turns!

Designed for mobile pads; wait for it to load, then just touch and scroll!

Great for performances when you can’t find a printer that will print a single page that is over 40 feet long!

Works on laptops as well but not as convenient as the pad. Again, wait for it to load, and just drag with your mouse.

Click here for Act I Score!!

Click here for Act II score!!

Email me if you would like to perform any of this music and will send a link to the downloadable PDF!




25. Origins (Ti)

Premier of Origins, January 31, 2011 UM
Emily Graber; Violin
Amy Cave; Violin
Chauntee Ross; Viola
Pierre Dyrcez; Cello
Wil Hack; Bass
Brian Dunbar; Flute
Katie Mueller; Flute
Danny Padmos; Clarinet
Joe Girard; Sax
Marie Ternes; Horn
Cory Smith; Trumpet
Abby Mayo; Trombone
Collin Wassell; Tuba
Andrew Bahle; Percussion
Chris Sies; Percussion
Jeremy Malvin; Percussion
Jon Larson; Percussion
Elliot Moore; Conductor
Eiki Isomora; Conductor
Wil Pertz; Conductor, video editing
David Biedenbender; Camera

24. Intermission

thanks to everyone who has participated in the Drink of the Wise new, out of the box, experimental, avant garde, futurist music readings, rehearsals, and live performances.
(this update does not include the names of those super-fantastic, adventurous, outgoing, mind-numbing (bungee jumping) folks who participated in Act V.

23. eka (Sc)

March 21, 2009 at the Firefly, Ann Arbor.
Dana Savada; Conductor
Rachel Woolf; Flute
Leslie Weinsteini; Clarinet
Ian Sullivan; Percussion
Jeremy Crosmer; Cello
Joel Ayau; Piano
Paige Kossuth; Violin
Wil Pertz; Conductor/Djembe
Audience; Voices
Jack Doehring; Painter
Jeremy Mathew Daly; Painter

15. π-bonding (Si)

π-bonding. Nov. 11, 2008, UM

Caroline Poon; Carillon Bells
Wil Pertz; Conductor 1
Evan Ware; Conductor 2
Marlee Cook-Schneider
Marly Speiser-Parrott
Sadie Yarrington
Jack Doehring
Tim Strang
Recep Gul
Chris Bartz
Emmanuel Toledo
Sarah Fike
Yaniv Segal
Yaniv Dinur
Michael Mauskapf
Alex Hug
Rishi Daftuar
Video by James Wiersbicki