25. Origins (Ti)

Premier of Origins, January 31, 2011 UM
Emily Graber; Violin
Amy Cave; Violin
Chauntee Ross; Viola
Pierre Dyrcez; Cello
Wil Hack; Bass
Brian Dunbar; Flute
Katie Mueller; Flute
Danny Padmos; Clarinet
Joe Girard; Sax
Marie Ternes; Horn
Cory Smith; Trumpet
Abby Mayo; Trombone
Collin Wassell; Tuba
Andrew Bahle; Percussion
Chris Sies; Percussion
Jeremy Malvin; Percussion
Jon Larson; Percussion
Elliot Moore; Conductor
Eiki Isomora; Conductor
Wil Pertz; Conductor, video editing
David Biedenbender; Camera


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